We can repair your:

Cheap, fast, and backed with a warranty, our repair service is the best in Clearwater - Seminole area. Get a quote online or simply stop by and we'll get you taken care of.


Reasonable Quote

We understand that replacement parts like new screens are avaliable online for everyone to purchase, which is why we base our price based on what you would pay to fix it yourself - that way, you get the same DIY deal without all the work.

Repair Warranty

With easy to understand language you can trust, we protect our customers from defective parts and any mistakes made during the repair with a 100% "we will fix or replace any broken part" guarentee. 

Let's Fix Together

We believe in the "Right to repair" - customers should be free to repair their device without paying the manufacturer. That's why we show you every step of they way, so you can learn and we can help.

Check out some of our historical repairs!

Below are a few examples of repairs we've performed for customers in the past - check out what we can do for you!

A Quick Repair

Cracked screens are our specialty - leave it to us and we'll have your phone looking brand new (with a complimentary screen protector) in less than an hour.

Water Damage?

We've seen plenty of it: forgot the phone in your pocket then jumped in for a swim.... Sometimes, that's not the end for your device. We'll perform some water remediation techniques to see if we can breathe life back into your device. 

Save the Data

Your work is important - if all else fails, we can help you recover data off of otherwise unrecoverable devices, making sure you get your pictures, videos; important work and beloved memories.

Get It Fixed

Schedule a dropoff, or send it to us after requesting a quote and shipping kit!


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