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It’s about time someone went and did it! Now there’s a place to talk about extending the natural human life in a collaborative manner. Check it out at:

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Stupid-ass TLDs 🙄

I like to think I’m not an overly opinionated person. That being said, when I saw the internet number authority’s list of TLDs, I felt full of opinions. Take a scroll through for yourself!
What do you find?

Wonderful-sounding, generic, general-purpose top level domains that you might want, such as:

.CalvinKlein, .BestBuy, and .BlockBuster

Internet Assigned Number Authority, List of Top-Level Domains (capitalization added for ease of recognition)
“Version 2019110300, Last Updated Sun Nov 3 07:07:01 2019 UTC”

Those sound great! Especially that last one. At last, I can run my own website! Hopefully you see the problem here. It appears anyone with a budget (even long-failed movie rental companies) can officiate a TLD of their own. I like to think that a good top level domain is one that caters to a niche without being too specific. A category of business, group, or anything that might indicate a site’s purpose without naming a specific entity, to allow others who might fit under that TLD to leverage it as their own.

A few of my favorites (new[ish] TLDs that I actually like):

.Academy, .US, .Sucks

Cited from the same place as the last few… IANA of course! ‘Sucks’ is just plain fun.

I can use Academy for anything I feel teaches people. Country codes as TLDs? Just plain great. Countries will be here long enough to warrant an entry. How about “.Republican”? Of course not! Countries are here to stay (probably), political parties are so numerous and fickle that it’d be like having a .Fidgetspinner. On top of that, having group-specific TLDs opens up the door to impersonation (unless their never publicly traded — that’s fun too) by nefarious parties, scammers.

Now, that’s just my opinion. How’d I get here anyway? Well, I was hoping to find a .cyber TLD! Much to my surprise (this is a LONG list, surely they have internet stuff…) it’s not there. Go figure!

Maybe someday. 🤷‍♀️