Solutions, not Software.

Sc2 delivers solutions-oriented systems, providing a powerful and cost effective alternative to the risks of public cloud computing.   


Introducing the Equitus Platform

Equitus Social Insight

Powerful Analytics that bring Social Media to Life

Social media influences everything from politics, to the economy, and across the cultural divide. Organizations recognize the evolving requirement of understanding opinion and shaping population sentiment in order to serve and meet business targets.


Equitus Intelligence

The Merger of Human Talent and Machine Cognition...

Equitus Intelligence (EI) empowers human curiosity and truly creative thinking with exponentially powerful advanced computational analytics. 


Equitus Video Analytics

Turning Video into Insight

Equitus Video Analytics® (EVA) delivers the most advanced video analytics available to remote and disconnected sites by positioning the analytics at the “point of view” rather than in the cloud.


Equitus Text Analytics

Turning inert documents into discoverable entities and activities

Powerful, advanced computational text analytics and data integration tools breathe life into "old" information by revealing previously overlooked details. Ingest .txt, .pdf, .docx, or entire databases, and uncover additional insight.


Equitus Visual Ops

Put data on the map

Equitus VisualOps (EVO) is a data visualization application with an easy to use, purpose-built portal.


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