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TagDescriptionIn HTML5?
<!–…–>Describe a comment text in the source code 
<!doctype>Defines a document type 
<a>Specific a anchor (Hyperlink)
Use for link in internal/external web documents.
<abbr>Describes an abbreviation (acronyms) 
<acronym>Describes an acronymsREMOVED
<address>Describes an address information 
<applet>Embedding an applet in HTML documentREMOVED
<area>Defines an area in an image map 
<article>Defines an articleNEW
<aside>Describes contain set(or write) on aside place in page containNEW
<audio>Specific audio contentNEW
<b>Specific text weight bold 
<base>Define a base URL for all the links with in a web page 
<basefont>Describes a default font color, size, face in a documentREMOVED
<bb>Define browser command, that command invoke as per client actionNEW/ REMOVED
<bdo>Specific direction of text display 
<big>Defines a big textREMOVED
<blockquote>Specifies a long quotation 
<body>Defines a main section(body) part in HTML document 
<br />Specific a single line break 
<button>Specifies a press/push button 
<canvas>Specifies the display graphics on HTML web docummentNEW
<caption>Define a table caption 
<center>Specifies a text is display in center alignREMOVED
<cite>Specifies a text citation 
<code>Specifies computer code text 
<col>Specifies a each column within a <colgroup> element in table 
<colgroup>Defines a group of one or more columns inside table 
<command>Define a command button, invoke as per user actionNEW
<datagrid>Define a represent data in datagrid either list wise or tree wiseNEW/ REMOVED
<datalist>Define a list of pre-defined options surrounding <input> tagNEW
<dd>Defines a definition description in a definition list 
<del>Specific text deleted in web document 
<details>Define a additional details hide or show as per user actionNEW
<dfn>Define a definition team 
<dialog>Define a chat conversation between one or more personNEW/ REMOVED
<dir>Define a directory listREMOVED
<div>Define a division part 
<dl>Define a definition list 
<dt>Define a definition team 
<em>Define a text is emphasize format 
<embed>Define a embedding external application using a relative plug-inNEW
<eventsource>Defines a source of event generates to remote serverNEW/ REMOVED
<fieldset>Defines a grouping of related form elements 
<figcaption>Represents a caption text corresponding with a figure elementNEW
<figure>Represents self-contained content corresponding with a <figcaption> elementNEW
<font>Defines a font size, font face and font color for its textREMOVED
<footer>Defines a footer section containing details about the author, copyright, contact us, sitemap, or links to related documents.NEW
<form>Defines a form section that having interactive input controls to submit form information to a server. 
<frame>Defines frame window.REMOVED
<frameset>Used to holds one or more <frame> elements.REMOVED
<h1> to <h6>Defines a Headings level from 1 to 6 different sizes. 
<head>Defines header section of HTML document. 
<header>Defines as a container that hold introductory content or navigation links.NEW
<hgroup>Defines the heading of a section that hold the h1 to h6 tags.NEW/ REMOVED
<hr />Represent a thematic break between paragraph-level tags. It is typically draw horizontal line. 
<html>Define a document is a HTML markup language 
<i>Defines a italic format text 
<iframe>Defines a inline frame that embedded external content into current web document. 
<img>Used to insert image into a web document. 
<input>Define a get information in selected input 
<ins>Used to indicate text that is inserted into a page and indicates changes to a document. 
<isindex>Used to create a single line search prompt for querying the contents of the document.REMOVED
<kbd>Used to identify text that are represents keyboard input. 
<keygen>Used to generate signed certificate, which is used to authenticate to services.NEW/ REMOVED
<label>Used to caption a text label with a form <input> element. 
<legend>Used to add a caption (title) to a group of related form elements that are grouped together into the <fieldset> tag. 
<li>Define a list item either ordered list or unordered list. 
<link>Used to load an external stylesheets into HTML document. 
<map>Defines an clickable image map. 
<mark>Used to highlighted (marked) specific text.NEW
<menu>Used to display a unordered list of items/menu of commands. 
<meta>Used to provide structured metadata about a web page. 
<meter>Used to measure data within a given range.NEW
<nav>Used to defines group of navigation links.NEW
<noframes>Used to provide a fallback content to the browser that does not support the <frame> element.REMOVED
<noscript>Used to provide an fall-back content to the browser that does not support the JavaScript. 
<object>Used to embedded objects such as images, audio, videos, Java applets, and Flash animations. 
<ol>Defines an ordered list of items. 
<optgroup>Used to create a grouping of options, the related options are grouped under specific headings. 
<option>Represents option items within a <select>, <optgroup> or <datalist> element. 
<output>Used for representing the result of a calculation.NEW
<p>Used to represents a paragraph text. 
<param>Provides parameters for embedded object element. 
<pre>Used to represents preformatted text. 
<progress>Represents the progress of a task.NEW
<q>Represents the short quotation. 
<rp>Used to provide parentheses around fall-back content to the browser that does not support the ruby annotations.NEW
<rt>Specifies the ruby text of ruby annotation.NEW
<ruby>Used to represents a ruby annotation.NEW
<s>Text display in strikethrough style. 
<samp>Represents text that should be interpreted as sample output from a computer program. 
<script>Defines client-side JavaScript. 
<section>Used to divide a document into number of different generic section.NEW
<select>Used to create a drop-down list. 
<small>Used to makes the text one size smaller. 
<source>Used to specifies multiple media resources.NEW
<span>Used to grouping and applying styles to inline elements. 
<strike>Represents strikethrough text.REMOVED
<strong>Represents strong emphasis greater important text. 
<style>Used to add CSS style to an HTML document. 
<sub>Represents inline subscript text. 
<sup>Represents inline superscript text. 
<table>Used to defines a table in an HTML document. 
<tbody>Used for grouping table rows. 
<td>Used for creates standard data cell in HTML table. 
<textarea>Create multi-line text input. 
<tfoot>Used to adding a footer to a table that containing summary of the table data. 
<th>Used for creates header of a group of cell in HTML table. 
<thead>Used to adding a header to a table that containing header information of the table. 
<time>Represents the date and/or time in an HTML document.NEW
<title>Represents title to an HTML document. 
<tr>Defines a row of cells in a table. 
<track>Represents text tracks for both the <audio> and <video> tags.NEW
<tt>Represents teletype text.REMOVED
<u>Represents underlined text. 
<ul>Defines an unordered list of items. 
<var>Represents a variable in a computer program or mathematical equation. 
<video>Used to embed video content.NEW
<wbr>Defines a word break opportunity in a long string of text.NEW