Cyber Interface Devices

This course on cyber interface devices examines the various devices that enable human-computer interaction. These devices may include input devices such as keyboards, mice, and touchscreens, as well as output devices such as monitors and printers. The course covers the history and evolution of these devices, their current uses, and their potential future applications. It also delves into the design and functionality of these devices, including how they communicate with computer systems and how they can be configured and used to perform various tasks. In addition, the course discusses the security concerns surrounding cyber interface devices, including the risk of hacking and other cyber attacks.

Lesson 0 – The merging of man and machine Lesson 1 – The Human Interface Device Lesson 2 – The Cyber Interface Device Lesson 3 – How to build a Cyber Interface Device Lesson 4 – Installing a Basic Cyber Interface Device Lesson 5 – Cyber Interface Device Design Lesson 6 – Cyber Interface Device Capabilities Lesson 7 – Connecting to a Computer with a Cyber Interface Device Lesson 8 – Securing a Wireless Cyber Interface Device Lesson 9 – Hacking a Cyber Interface Device Lesson 10 – The Cyber Interface Device's Benefits to Human Longevity Lesson 11 – Backups