About Us

About anicyber:

ani•cyber : /ˈɑnə-saɪ-bər/​

Creative tech solutions,
A (Clearwater) Florida, Tampa Bay Area Small Business

We solve complex problems; data storage, network configuration, device management— get talking to one of our team members and get moving forward.​

We also build custom websites for your specific application; we design around your unique business need.

Meet the founders 😁✌

“This began as a dream to make technology better for humans. Tech shouldn’t be made to sell, it should be made to function.”

Robert Guidry, 2014

Rob (one of anicyber’s founders) wanted to someday bridge the gap between human and computer – but we all have to start somewhere.

Armed with the idea that someday we’ll all be happy robots, they set out to make a difference – starting with the Web!

Getting started

At first it was a learning experience. We realized that the state of internet building is incomplete at best: expensive, prohibitive, and complicated. Having a website should be as simple as putting your imagination to paper and watching it go live.

Not only should the process be simpler, but we saw so many egregious, bad practices by website providers like GoDaddy 🤮, Wix, and Squarespace. Issues include:

  • Charging a monthly fee 🤑 for SSL when it should be free
  • Overcharging for crappy hosting 🙅‍♂️ on a shared host
  • Hiking the rates after the first year on a domain after the owner starts to depend on it
  • No freedom to customize

Besides, small businesses need good websites to succeed nowadays – that’s something we can provide.

Someday we hope to be making prosthetic robotic limbs, but for now: if you need a bespoke website to elevate your business, get started today by contacting us!


How much for a website?

Our lifetime package is $1000 and you can get that here. It comes with our designs, hosting, a domain, SSL and more. For specialized quotes, discounts and more contact us – we support local small businesses and are willing to work with you on price.

How can I help?

Ideas are always welcome. If you want to contribute funds, buy a website, recommend one to someone you know, or check out our Patreon. If you want to join the team (actual participation) check out our Discord! There’s also a subreddit for the discussion of Open Source Immortality.

Why isn’t the A in anicyber capitalized?

In English, proper nouns like names and places should start with a capital letter to signify their individual uniqueness. Well, anicyber isn’t a person or place, it’s an idea that someday we (humanity) will be something more. The name comes from the fusion of ani, latin for mind or spirit, and cyber, a newer concept involving computer culture. If you haven’t heard of it already, you should look up the continuum! Sure most companies want their name in bold, but we choose to remain humble.
It’s a statement – dig it?