The Last Good Phone

In a world where expensive dumbed-down phones rule supreme, one stood out in defiance… for a new phone? The Xiaomi A3 is a cost-effective power-house of a phone; They usually sell for ~$210 – compare that to the $800 average. Get one while they’re still being made!

Remember headphone jacks? Of course this phone still has that. Remember IR blasters, the wonderful innovation that let your phone act as a universal remote? Yeah, it’s got that. Expandable storage, that thing Apple keeps “forgetting” to add (to keep you buying the expensive one)? Of course it has that. Not only that, but it’s got newer features too: in-screen fingerprint sensor, AMOLED screen, and multiple (three!) rear-facing cameras. There’s a really long list of things this phone does right, and that’s not too common these days.

“… at least 33% better battery life than the top of the line iPhone”

Nowadays if you have the lastest iPhone, you live by the charger. Every night you plug in before bed or else you do not have a phone the next day. Most iPhones have around ~2000mAh batteries. If you pay for the biggest, most expensive one, the iPhone XR, you get 3000mAh. The A3? 4000mAh standard. That’s not just a big battery – that’s huge even by android standards.

“Comes standard with 4GB of RAM, whereas most iPhones have 2GB”

This is basically the last good phone. What do I mean by that? Well, go shop around. Less features for more money. Smaller batteries, stupid notches, other strange “design decisions”. Unless you’re a professional photographer, I might recommend the Pixel… but at that point you might as well just invest in a Rebel camera (they’re the same price 🤮) .

All that and… It’s $210

The one concern I had as I was getting into this phone was the origin. Sure, all phones are now made in China (yes, even America’s precious Apple products), but using software made by companies actually owned in China means the Chinese government has some say in how they “do business”. Tik tok is bad, Huawei is getting banned, so what about this phone? Well, to-date I have noticed no suspicious network requests. If there’s enough interest I’ll do a story on Xiaomi phone security.

In short, this is it. The last bastion of modern, well rounded phones. This is like what the FX-8350 was as a non-spyware embedded (no AMT) unicorn the processor industry before Ryzen. In other words something honestly reliable before things get… well… silly (looking at you thousand dollar phones, cloud-storage only, flexible phones that break… etc)

If you do decide to get this phone, use the link above and we get some love from Amazon – and welcome to the club 😎

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back for more stories and updates!