Our Beautiful Examples

Here are a few websites we've made to show you what your website could look like. That means the functions and designs on the following websites can be adapted for yours. Peruse and explore, but most importantly: imagine how your business might look with one of our websites.


Paulie's Pizza


weFix Phone Repair

Mobile Friendly

All of our sites are mobile-friendly. View your site on a cell phone, a tablet, or a desktop and be amazed every time.

Made with Love

We're a local small business looking to help other small businesses look good on the web. If we make your site, you can be sure we'll be proud of it.

Easy Setup

Simply tell us what you'd like and we'll go from there. Send us any information you want on your website and we'll make sure your potential customers see it.

First 10 Discount

Our first 10 customers get a special discount -- 50% off! If this message is still up, the discount is still avaliable :)

How does it work?


Reach out to us!

Contact us, and we'll take a look at your website. Don't have one? We'll talk about what you'd like to see.


Choose Site Layout

What pages do you want? Would you like all info on one main page? How about a map to your business? We can help with this step by offering some professional examples.


Gather Content

We'll start collecting images and text for your new website. Send us what you want to say with your site, or we can figure it out for you.


Check out your Sample

We'll send you a sample version of your site. This'll show you exactly what your site will look like -- let us know what changes you'd like us to make if any.


Buy your Site

Now that we're happy with your new site, you can buy it. We'll send you a quote (see our pricing page -- no surprises!) to be paid with the method of your choice.


Get on the Web

We'll publish your new site on the web! It's yours to edit as you see fit, or you can reach out to us for additional changes.

Get started


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